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Parks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

Parks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

Lynden B. Miller

ISBN: 978-0-393-73203-0

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320 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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An internationally renowned public garden designer, with 27 years' experience and an artist's eye, Lynden Miller has changed the face of New York City's public places by providing a connection with nature for neighborhoods, rich and poor. Parks, Plants and People describes the elements of successful public space and tells how to design, improve and maintain year-round plantings, how to advocate for increased public funding and how to attract private dollars.

She calls on the general public, gardeners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects and public officials—everyone who cares about the quality of life in urban areas—to create and support well-planted parks and gardens as essential urban oases that reduce crime and have positive effects on the economic welfare of cities and their citizens. Miller demonstrates the power of plants to soften and civilize public life and proves that beautiful public spaces, planted and maintained to high standards, have the power to transform the way people behave and feel about their cities. Her motto is: Make it gorgeous and they will come. Keep it that way and they will help.