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Parks and Plates

Parks and Plates

Robert J. Lillie

ISBN: 978-0-393-92407-7

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256 pages

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Many of our national parks, monuments, and seashores were established because of their inspiring geological features -- from the geysers of Yellowstone to the granite peaks of Yosemite. In Parks and Plates, Robert J. Lillie explains the fascinating geological processes that have formed these dramatic volcanoes, shorelines, and landscapes. Structuring the text around major geological features, Lillie highlights geologic patterns across many different parks and uses over 100 park sites to illustrate plate tectonics visually. Lavishly illustrated with full-color photographs, diagrams, and maps, Parks and Plates is the ideal text to enrich undergraduates\' experience of our national parks.


Part I: Earth Systems and Our National Parks
Chapter 1: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 2: Geological Features and Processes
Part II: Divergent Plate Boudnaries
Chapter 3: Continental Rifts
Chapter 4: Passive Continental Margins
Basin and Range Province
Keweenawan Rift
Colorado Plateau
Part III: Convergent Plate Boundaries
Chapter 5: Subduction Zones
Chapter 6: Collisional Mountain Ranges
Cascadia Subduction Zone
Part IV: Transform Plate Boundaries
Chapter 7: San Andreas and Other Transform Boundaries
San Andreas Fault Zone
Part V: Hotspots
Chapter 8: Oceanic Hotspots
Chapter 9: Hotspots Beneath Continental Crust
Yellowstone/Snake River Plain/Columbia Plateau
Part VI: Building the North American Continent
Chapter 10: North American Craton
Chapter 11: Accreted Terranes
Continental Shield
Continental Platform
Colorado Plateau
Laramide Uplifts
Foreland Fold-and-Thrust-Belts
Accreted Terranes