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Parliamo italiano!, 5th Edition

Parliamo italiano!, 5th Edition

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Parliamo italiano! Edition 5 continues to offer a communicative, culture based approach for beginning students of Italian.  Not only does Parliamo Italiano provide students learning Italian with a strong ground in the four ACTFL skills:   reading, writing, speaking, and listening, but it also emphasizes cultural fluency. The text follows a more visual approach by integrating maps, photos, regalia, and cultural notes that offer a vibrant image of Italy. The chapters are organized around functions and activities. Cultural information has been updated to make the material more relevant. In addition, discussions on functional communications give readers early success in the language and encourage them to use it in practical situations.

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Unità Preliminare: Per cominciare

Unità 1. Visitare: Siamo a Rome!

Unità 2. Studiare: Impariamo l’italiano!

Unità 3. Abitare: Andiamo a casa mia!

Unità 4. Comprare: Facciamo delle commissioni!

Unità 5. Mangiare: Tutti a tavola!

Unità 6. Rilassarsi: Cosa facciamo di bello?

Unità 7. Vestirsi: Vestiamoci alla moda!

Unità 8. Lavorare: Lavoriamo insieme!

Unità 9. Viaggiare: Andiamo in vancanza!

Unità 10. Divertirsi: Usciamo stasera!

Unità 11. Leggere: Recitiamo una poesia

Unità 12. Sognare: Immaginiamo il futuro!

WileyPLUS Learning Space provides a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning. Students complete automatically graded homework, get feedback on their answers, and access learning materials like the e-text, videos, self-tests, collaborative tools, and more.

Incontro sections have been streamlined and enhanced with build-out activities that flex oral comprehension.

Updated cultural content throughout the text includes more experiential, investigative, cross-cultural tasks.

Una finestra sull’Italia prompts students to further investigate Italian culture on their own.

New and revised skill-building activities emphasize communication.

Ciak! Italia activities incorporated throughout each unit maximize use of the program’s highly engaging video.

Immagini e parole, a magazine-style culmination of the unit, has been re-styled and includes updated readings and photos, with revised idiomatic expressions, all of which present a fresh, current image of Italy.

Thoughtful sequencing of grammar points is driven by their logical relationship to language acquisition and the topic being explored. Explanations are concise and to the point; when possible, schematic visual material and charts help students deduce grammatical concepts and understand their use. Material is consistently recycled to reinforce students’ ability to use language naturally.

Active learning as suggested by the verbs of the unit titles organizes the experience around doing things. Activities encourage student participation and interaction, and strive to make learning fun and enjoyable. The program’s philosophy is “Learn while you’re laughing”, or Ridendo, s’impara!

Incontro sections emulate real-life situations and utilize the vocabulary, grammatical constructions, and idioms discussed in the unit while concentrating on the essence of language learning: communication.