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Parry's Graining & Marbling, 3rd Edition

Parry's Graining & Marbling, 3rd Edition

Brian Rhodes

ISBN: 978-0-632-03416-1

Jan 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

156 pages

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The third edition of this classic text, first published in 1949, contains additional colour plates and text describing popular decorative paint finishes such as lapis lazuli, tortoiseshell, malachite, patinated gold and fossilstone marble. A chapter on broken colour effects--including ragging, dragging, stippling, sponging and shading--is also provided. The extensive text on graining has been enhanced by replacing the descriptive-only ground colours with two full-colour plates of suggested colours (aligned with the British Standard), thereby enabling access to paints from local suppliers or helping the decorative painter make and mix his/her own colours.
1 Decorative possibilities of graining and marbling; 2 The preparation and painting of surfaces; 3 Graining colours: their use and preparation in various media; 4 Brushes, tools and appliances; 5 Combing, brush-graining and flogging; 6 The graining of ash, Hungarian ash and light oak; 7 American walnut, teak and medium fumed oak; 8 Quartered oak - light figure, dark figure and spirit grained; 9 Limed oak and wearthered oak; decorative treatments; 10 Pitch pine, pollard oak and root of oak; 11 Mahogany, feathered mahogany and rosewood; 12 Maple, satinwood and pine; 13 Walnut; 14 Quartering and inlay effects; 15 Marbling; 16 White-vein marble, sienna and breche violette; 17 Black and gold, vert de mer, vert antique and St Anne's; 18 Rouge Roi, granites, porphyries and Cipollino; 19 Other broken colour effects and varnishing; Glossary of terms; List of suppliers of specialist tools and materials; Index
* continues to be of considerable interest in decorative paint finishes * revival of the craft part of the interest in conservation issues * highly regarded technical manual for the expert and student * part of successful list of painting and decorating books, including Fulcher et al.'s Painting and Decorating and Stewart's Signwork