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Particulate Gravity Currents

Particulate Gravity Currents

W. D. McCaffrey (Editor) , B. C. Kneller (Editor) , J. Peakall (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-30427-5

Mar 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages

Select type: O-Book


This volume arises from the conference Sediment Transport and Deposition by Particulate Gravity Currents held in the UK in 1998. The field of particulate gravity currents ranges from turbidity currents in the oceans, lakes and reservoirs to pyroclastic density currents and avalanches, debris flows and lahars, grainflows, powder snow avalanches, effluent dispersal and ancient gravity current deposits.

Although the sub-division of particulate gravity currents into discrete sub-categories (such as grain flows, turbidity currents or debris flows) provides a convenient descriptive shorthand, it undermines the sense of process continuum needed to describe many natural flows. The structure of this volume reflects an integrative aim, with papers grouped by research approach. The first section of the book contains six papers on theoretical and numerical modelling of a range of flow types. The following four papers are focused upon combined theoretical and experimental modelling approaches. The next section contains four papers describing experimental modelling and the final section includes five papers detailing field-based studies.

The volume stands as a testament to the broad range of research carried out on particulate gravity currents, and hints at the enhanced rate of progress that is likely to be achieved through further integrated studies.

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Introduction (Jeff Peakall, Maarten Felix, Bill Mccaffrey and Ben Kneller).

Theoretical and Numerial Approaches.

Mechanics and Stimulation of Snow Avalanches, Pyroclastic Flows And Debris Flows (Tamotsu Takahashi).

An Analysis of The Debris Flow Disaster In The Harihara River Basin (Hajime Nakagawa, Tamotsu Takahashi And Yoshifumi Satofuka).

Theoretical Study on Breaking of Waves on Antidunes (Yu'suke Kubo Nad Miwa Yokokawa).

Two Dimensional Numerical Model For a Turbidity Current (Maarten Felix).

Granular Flows In The Elastic Limit (Charles S. Campbell).

Bagnold Revisited: Implications for the Rapid Motion of High-Concentration Sediment Flows (Stephen Straub).

Combined Theoretical/Experimental Approaches.

Downslope Flows Into Rotating And Stratified Environments (Peter G. Baines).

Two Dimentional And Axisymmetric Models For Compositional And Particle-Driven Gravity Currents In Uniform Ambient Flows (Andrew J. Hogg and Herbert E. Huppert).

Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche Experiments (James Mcelwaine And K. Nishimura).

Dam-Break Induced Debris Flow (Herve Capart, Der-Liang Young And Yves Zech).

Experimental Approaches.

Mean Flow And Turbulence Structure Of Sediment-Laden Gravity Currents: New Insights Using Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiling (Jim Best, Alistair Kirkbride And Jeff Peakall).

Turbulence Structure In Steady, Solute-Driven Gravity Currents (Clare Buckee, Ben Kneller and Jeff Peakall).

Experimental Evidence for Autosuspension (Henry Patin).

Time- and Space-Resolved Measurements of Deposition Under Turbidity Currents (Frans Derooij and Stuart Dalziel).

Field-Based Approaches.

Formation of Large-Scale Shear Structures During Deposition from High Density Turbidity Currents, Gres d'Annot Formation, SE France (Julian D. Clark And David A. Stanbrook).

Subaerial Liquefied Flow of Volcaniclastic Sediments, Central Japan (Katsuhiro Nakayama).

Depositional and Eruptive Mechanisms of Density Current Deposits from a Submarine Vent at the Otago Peninsula, New Zealand (U. Martin And James D. L. White).

Deltaic Density Currents and Turbidity Deposits Related to Maar Crater Rims and Their Importance for Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field (BBHVF), Hungary (Karoly Nemeth).

Synsedimentary Deformation in the Lower Muschelkalk of the Germanic Basin (Katja Föhlisch and Thomas Voigt).

"...represents a valuable, interdisciplinary and international overview of the processes responsible for a group of flow types with major impacts on sediments, landforms, climate and people...I recommend it wholeheartedly to all who are studying particulate gravity current deposits or consequences." (Geraint Owen, The Holocene, 13,2 (2003))