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Partner Schools: Centers for Educational Renewal

Partner Schools: Centers for Educational Renewal

Russell T. Osguthorpe, R. Carl Harris, Melanie Fox Harris, Sharon Black

ISBN: 978-0-787-90065-6

Mar 1995, Jossey-Bass

348 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Diverse contributors offer an inside look at promising school-university partnerships across the country and discuss the principles and benefits of such programs in promoting educational innovation.
1. Introduction: Understanding School-University Partnerships(Russell T. Osguthorpe, R. Carl Harris, Sharon Black, Beverly R. Cutler, Melanie Fox Harris)
Part One: The Goals of Partner Schools
2. Improving Student Learning(Walter H. Kimball, Susan Swap, Patricia A. LaRosa, Thomas Howick)
3. Strengthening Teacher Education(Michael L. Barnhart, Donna J. Cole, Stevenson T. Hansell, Bonnie K. Mathies, William E. Smith, Sharon Black)
4. Promoting Professional Development(Robert A. Pines, Lourdes Z. Mitchel, Nicholas Michelli)
5. Supporting Collaborative Inquiry(Francis P. Hunkins, Donna L. Wiseman, Richard C. Williams)
Part Two: Developing and Implementing Partnerships
6. Launching and Sustaining a Partner School(R. Carl Harris, Melanie Fox Harris)
7. Initiating District-Wide Change(Monica M. Beglau, Kolene F. Granger)
8. Promoting Statewide Collaboration(Barbara Gottesman, Patricia Graham, Carol Nogy)
9. Building Links with Families and Communities(Hal Lawson, Randy Flora, Sally Lloyd, Katherine Briar, James Ziegler, Jan Kettlewell)
10. Evaluating Partner Schools(Richard W. Clark)
11. Conclusion: The Promise of Partner Schools(Russell T. Osguthorpe, R. Carl Harris, Sharon Black, Melanie Fox Harris)
"Partner Schools is an optimistic book, packed full of rich examples of good things that can happen when universities and schools become full and equal partners in educational renewal. Written by educators experienced in and committed to collaboration--and drawing on work underway in diverse settings across the United States--each chapter presents useful suggestions for building and extending partnership programs." ----Robert V. Bullough, Jr., professor of educational studies, University of Utah