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Partnership and Participation: Decision-making in the Multiagency Setting



Partnership and Participation: Decision-making in the Multiagency Setting

Ann Taket, Leroy White

ISBN: 978-0-471-72031-7 June 2000 272 Pages


The past two decades have seen an increase in the number oforganisations working together in multiagency settings andincreased calls for partnership and participation in organisationaland public life. Models for this kind of working arrangement rangefrom contracting out and joint planning, through to more formalarrangements such as setting up a joint agency. How to make thesearrangements effective in developing policy and aidingdecision-making can, however, be problematic. To make themultiagency setting work, organisations must manage diversity,resolve conflict and promote collaboration. The processes foreffective decision-making in multiagency settings form the centralconcern of this book. Group processes must become moreparticipatory, democratic and empowering. Illustrated with casestudies drawn from the US, Africa, Asia, Latin America, as well asthe UK and Europe, the book surveys the range of multiagencysettings, explores the mechanisms and processes for multiagencywork, and reviews a range of processes and tools that have shownthemselves to be effective. Partnership & Participation offersno guaranteed answers, but provides a useful framework andstimulating guidelines for those facing the many questions that areraised by working in a multiagency setting.

Introduction to the Multiagency Setting.

Models of Multiagency Working.

Methods Used in Multiagency Settings.


Pragmatic Pluralism.

Pluralism in the 'Nature' of the Client.

Pluralism in the Use of Specific Methods/Techniques.

Modes of Representation.

Pluralism in the Facilitation Process.


Using the PANDA Framework for Planning Process.

Case Studies Using PANDA.