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Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques

Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques

David Hunt (Editor), Long Nguyen (Editor), Matthew Rodgers (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-42925-9

Jun 2012

208 pages



Whether you're a patent examiner, patent attorney, commercial patent searcher, patent liaison, IP librarian, law professor, or competitive intelligence analyst, you'll find Patent Searching: Tools and Techniques to be just the guide you have been waiting for, with a range of approaches to patent searching that will be useful to you regardless of your technical expertise or role in the intellectual property community.
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Chapter 1: Patent Law and Examination as Context for Patent Searching.

The U.S. Patent System.

Look before You Leap: Considerations before Filing.

Patent Examination Process.

Backlog of Patent Applications.

Chapter 2: Types of Patent Searches.





State of the Art.

Patent Landscape.

Benefits of Prior Art Searching.

Chapter 3: The Mechanics of Searching.


Properly Scoping the Search.

Conducting the Search.

Issues Peculiar to Certain Technical Disciplines.

Estimating Search Time.

Chapter 4: Patent Analysis.

The Precursor to Patent Analysis.

Searches versus Analyses: What’s the Difference?

Features of Patent Analyses and Reporting.

Sample Patent Analysis Report.

Chapter 5: Approaches to Reporting Search Results.

Purpose of the Search Report.

Anatomy of a Search Report.

Writing a Summary.

Presenting the Subject Matter.

Discussing References.

Writing Discussions.

Indicating Claims.

Prioritizing References.

Central References.

Peripheral References.

Central and Peripheral References.

Search History.

Classification Areas.

Databases Accessed.

Examiners Contacted.


Chapter 6: Search Tools.

The Availability of Patent Information.

Criteria for Selecting Search Tools.

When to Select a Search Tool.

Data Sources for Chemical Searches.

Data Sources for Mechanical Searches.

Data Sources For Electrical/Computer Searches.

Data Sources for Business Methods Searches.

Methods of Access.

Text Search Syntax.

Discussion of Specific Search Tools.

Access to Nonpatent Literature.

Value-Added Capabilities of Search Tools.



""The authors have made a creditable attempt at a difficult subject. Even the experienced searcher for whom much of the practice is ""instinctive"" will benefit from a careful consideration of this book."" (World Patent Journal, Sept 2007)