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Pathophysiology of the Enteric Nervous System: A Basis for Understanding Functional Diseases



Pathophysiology of the Enteric Nervous System: A Basis for Understanding Functional Diseases

Robin Spiller (Editor), David Grundy (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-76003-1 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages


Over the last few years there have been huge advances made in our understanding of the interactions between the brain and the gut – the enteric nervous system. This book is particularly relevant in the understanding, diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome – the most common functional disorder of the bowel.

IBS has been diagnosed in 10-20% of adults in the US, and symptoms of IBS are responsible for more than 3 million visits to the physician in the US.

This book is aimed at specialist gastroenterologists but also should be of interest for trainees and fellows in gastroenterology, as well as PCPs and GPs with an interest in this subject.



Section A: Basic Principals

Chapter 1 Functional Neuro-anatomy

Chapter 2 Neuro-physiology

Chapter 3 Brain to Gut Signalling - Sensory mechanisms

Chapter 4 Brain to Gut Signalling - Central Processing

Section B: Mechanisms of functional GI Disorders

Chapter 5 Developmental disorders of the enteric nervous system

Chapter 6 Inflammation

Chapter 7 Stress and the Gut - Central Influences

Chapter 8 Stress and the Gut - Peripheral Effects

Section C: Patho-physiology and Treatment of Human Diseases

Chapter 9 Oesophageal disorders

Chapter 10 Gastric disorders

Chapter 11 Small Bowel Disorders

Chapter 12 Colonic disorders

Chapter 13 Anorectal Disorders

Chapter 14 Central Nervous System Injury

Chapter 15 Diarrhoea - Predominant bowel disorders following inflammation and infection

Section D: Advances in Pharmaco Therapy.

Chapter 16 Functional targets for pharmaco therapy – An overview

Chapter 17 Neuro Kininin Receptor Modulators

Chapter 18 Serotonin Receptor Modulators

Chapter 19 Emerging Transmitters


Valuable guide for the healthcare team involved in the care of patients with functional GI disease

  • Offers the underlying basic science behind the diagnosis and management of clinical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and other GI motility disorders
  • Team of leading international experts in this field bring together neurogastroenterology and functional gastroenterological disease
  • Appeals to gastroenterologists, endoscopists, GI specialist nurses, counsellors, nutritionists, as well research scientists