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Patriotism and Citizenship Education

Patriotism and Citizenship Education

Bruce Haynes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-19988-9 February 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 136 Pages


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Seven authors describe the controversial nature of patriotism and citizenship education in their country, basing their account and recommendations upon their philosophical understanding of education and schooling.
  • Offers differing national perspectives on patriotism across the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and England
  • Discusses varying accounts of how patriotism and citizenship education should be handled as part of the school curriculum
  • Provides crucial insights into how schools handle social and political demands on controversial topics
Notes on Contributors.

Foreword (Michael A. Peters).

Introduction (Bruce Haynes).

1 Patriotism, History and the Legitimate Aims of American Education (Michael S. Merry).

2 Patriotism and Democratic Citizenship Education in South Africa: On the (im) possibility of reconciliation and nation building (Yusef Waghid).

3 A New Patriotism? Neoliberalism, citizenship and tertiary education in New Zealand (Peter Roberts).

4 History Teaching for Patriotic Citizenship in Australia (Bruce Haynes).

5 The Debate on Patriotic Education in Post-World War II Japan (Kanako Ide).

6 Patriotism in British Schools: Principles, practices and press hysteria (Michael Hand & Joanne Pearce)

7 Education for World Citizenship: Beyond national allegiance (Muna Golmohamad).