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Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software

Robert Hanmer

ISBN: 978-1-118-35154-3

Jul 2013

320 pages

Select type: E-Book



Software patterns have revolutionized the way developer’s and architects think about how software is designed, built and documented.

This new title in Wiley’s prestigious Series in Software Design Patterns presents proven techniques to achieve patterns for fault tolerant software. This is a key reference for experts seeking to select a technique appropriate for a given system.

Readers are guided from concepts and terminology, through common principles and methods, to advanced techniques and practices in the development of software systems.  References will provide access points to the key literature, including descriptions of exemplar applications of each technique.

Organized into a collection of software techniques, specific techniques can be easily found with sufficient detail to allow appropriate choices for the system being designed.




Chapter 1: Introduction to Fault Tolerance.

Chapter 2: Fault Tolerant Mindset.

Chapter 3: Introduction to the Patterns.

Chapter 4: Architectural Patterns.

Chapter 5: Detection Patterns.

Chapter 6: Error Recovery Patterns.

Chapter 7: Error Mitigation Patterns.

Chapter 8: Fault Treatment Patterns.


References & Bibliography.



Pattern Index.