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Patterns of Adoption: Nature, Nurture and Psychosocial Development

Patterns of Adoption: Nature, Nurture and Psychosocial Development

David Howe

ISBN: 978-0-632-04149-7 December 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


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With recent changes in the variety of children needing adoption, issues about adoption have become more complex. As older and more disturbed children are being placed for adoption, the demands these children make on post-adoption workers and parents are considerable. This text takes a broad sweep of the major research and theoretical perspectives on adoption by reviewing the work of several disciplines within psychology, sociology and social work. The book gives readers a broad understanding on the development of children before, during and after they are adopted.
Nature and nurture; outcomes studies of children adopted as babies; children adopted as babies: genetic influences; children adopted as babies: environmental influences; outcome studies of older children placed for adoption; older children placed for adoption: pre-placement environmental influences; older children placed for adoption: post-placement environmental influences; heredity, environment and adoption; attachment, relationship-based theories and adoption pathways; secure patterns; anxious patterns; angry patterns; avoidant patterns; nonattached patterns; patterns of practice
“An easy-to-read book which covers a broad range of research on the social and psychological development of adopted children…likely to be particularly helpful to both parents and workers. It is therefore recommended reading.”
Children Australia
* focuses on social, behavioural and personality development * provides patterns of adoptions illustrated by case studies * considers the nature, experience and outcome of adoption * helps professionals to make sense of a complex phenomenon * David Howe is Editor of Child & Family Social Work journal