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Pedaling to Hawaii: A Human-Powered Odyssey

Pedaling to Hawaii: A Human-Powered Odyssey

Stevie Smith

ISBN: 978-0-881-50739-3

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312 pages

Select type: Paperback

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An amazing and deeply insightful account of how two normal guys decided to embark upon the unthinkable: an attempt to circumnavigate the globe using just human powered means.

On a rainy, miserable Monday morning in Paris a twenty-something bureaucrat decides there must be more to life than the United Nations project on which he is working. Stevie Smith tries to figure out what he could do of great significance and hit upon the notion of a trip around the world using only human power -- no motors, no sails, no balloons -- maybe the last great first. With no experience, no particular expedition skills, and no money, the adventure begins.

A pedal-powered boat, a bike, in-line skates, and a lot of hilarious non-heroics take Stevie and his buddy, Jason, where no one has gone before. A bike ride through Europe by a guy who\'s never ridden much beyond the corner grocery; a pedal-boat trip across the Atlantic in 111 days by two guys whose combined sailing experience was a bout or two in a dinghy on the English coast; a bike and in-line skates get them across America; more pedaling to Hawaii...

No travel writing has more accurately captured the old adage, "it\'s the journey and not the destination." Therein lies the simple beauty of this entertaining travel tale -- a search for simplicity, integrity, and freedom. 12 black & white photographs.