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PeopleSmart Facilitator's Guide



PeopleSmart Facilitator's Guide

Melvin L. Silberman, Freda Hansburg

ISBN: 978-0-787-97953-9 November 2005 Pfeiffer 208 Pages


Are you ready to show your participants how to bring out the best in their colleagues, customers, direct reports, and bosses? Then the PeopleSmart Workshop is for you!

The Workshop empowers leaders, associates, or intact teams to:

  • Be curious, not furious, when faced with a challenging colleague.
  • Get information and ideas across so they are understood.
  • Promote ideas that are accepted rather than resisted.
  • Think ?we? rather than ?me? in team situations.

The Facilitator?s Guide includes robust instructions for conducting a Workshop as well as a sample Participant Workbook and People Quotient Scale. Also included is a valuable CD-ROM with a PowerPoint® presentation and video cases. Each component is designed to encourage participation, increase retention, and promotion immediate application.

The PeopleSmart program can be conducted in twelve hours and contains ten modules, eight of which focus on a core interpersonal skill. The program features ?active training? techniques which minimize lecturing and maximize learning activities. Much of the program is based on examining and practicing skills applicable to actual work experiences. Use PeopleSmart to supplement an existing skills training programs or as a foundation of an entirely new program.