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Perinatal Mental Health: A Guide for Health Professionals and Users

Perinatal Mental Health: A Guide for Health Professionals and Users

Jane Hanley

ISBN: 978-0-470-51068-1

Aug 2009

252 pages

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Perinatal Mental Health is an invaluable reference for nurses, midwives and other health professionals working with this client group, covering current thinking on the causes of mothers’ mood disorders and the consequences for her infant, the family, society and most importantly the mother herself.

This book covers the recognition, treatment, care and management of perinatal mental health disorders with chapters on the antenatal period; postnatal depression and bipolar disorder; psychosis, personality disorders, eating disorders, sexual issues, self harm and suicide; possible causes of postnatal depression; the multidisciplinary team; and global cultural practices.

Chapter 1: Women’s Mental Health. From Hippocrates to Kumar.

Chapter 2: The Antenatal Period.

Chapter 3: Postnatal Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

Chapter 4: Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Sexual Issues, Self Harm and Suicide.

Chapter 5: Problems Associated With Perinatal Mental Health.

Chapter 6: Possible Causes of Postnatal Depression.

Chapter 7: Recognition and Detection of Perinatal Mental Health Disorders.

Chapter 8: The Effect on the Family.

Chapter 9: Effects on Society.

Chapter 10: Management of Postnatal Depression.

Chapter 11: The Multi Disciplinary Team.

Chapter 12: Global Cultural Practices.

Chapter 13: An Overview of Women’s’ Perinatal Mental Health.


Appendix 1: Contact List for Organisations.

Appendix 2: Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.