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Perl Database Programming

Perl Database Programming

Brent Michalski

ISBN: 978-0-764-54956-4

Nov 2002

572 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Author is an experienced Perl user who maintains the Perl area of Dr. Dobb's Journal Website.
* The first book to cover the full range of Perl database programming topics.
* Discusses practical applications such as online catalogs, Web-based photo databases, and Palm-powered applications.


Part I: Perl and Database Fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Database Basics.

Chapter 2: Working with a Database.

Chapter 3: Working with Database Tables.

Chapter 4: Fetching Data from the Database (Basics).

Chapter 5: Making Changes to Your Data.

Part II: Advanced Database Programming.

Chapter 6: Web Database Programming.

Chapter 7: Fetching Data from the Database (Advanced).

Chapter 8: Working with Binary (BLOB) Data.

Chapter 9: Session Management with Tied Hashes.

Chapter 10: Using Database Transactions.

Part III: Perl and Web Services.

Chapter 11: Perl, XML, and Databases.

Chapter 12: Creating a SOAP-Based Catalog.

Chapter 13: Sending Automatic E-mail Reports.

Part IV: Perl and General Web Programming.

Chapter 14: Creating a Phonebook.

Chapter 15: Creating a Web-Based Shopping Cart.

Chapter 16: Creating a Web-Based Photo Album.

Appendix A: Configuring Your System.

Appendix B: Common SQL Reference.

Appendix C: MySQL Command Reference.

Appendix D: DBI Reference.

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Companion Site

Welcome to the Perl Database Programming companion Web site.

This site provides source code for the reader to follow along with the book Perl Database Programming.

Download the source code on the download page.