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Persistent Toxic Substance Monitoring: Nanoelectrochemical Methods

Persistent Toxic Substance Monitoring: Nanoelectrochemical Methods

Xing-Jiu Huang, Xing Chen, Meng Yang

ISBN: 978-3-527-34410-9

Jun 2018

320 pages


Filling the urgent need for a professional book that specifies the applications of nanoelectrochemistry for the monitoring of persistent toxic substances, this monograph clearly describes the design concept, construction strategies and practical applications of PTS sensing interfaces based on nanoelectrochemical methods. The comprehensive and systematic information not only provides readers with the fundamentals, but also inspires them to develop PTS monitoring sensors based on functional nanostructures and nanomaterials.
Of interestto chemists, electrochemistry researchers, materials researchers, environmental scientists, and companies dealing with electrochemical treatment and environment.
1. Introduction
2. PTS in aquatic environment
3. Common electrochemical principles for PTS detection
4. Design concept of nanoelectrochemistry sensing interface
5. Selective adsorption leading to selective electrochemical response towards PTS: carbon based nanomaterials as samples
6. Facet and phase directed nanomaterials based sensing interface for PTS monitoring
7. Mutual interferences between heavy metal ions on the electrochemical nano-interfaces
8. Nanocomposites for electrochemical monitoring of PTS: design, preparation, and application
9. Nano-gap for detection of PTS
10. Determination of PTS using nanoelectrodes
11. Electrochemical assisted preconcentration for PTS detection
12. Conclusion and Perspectives
13. Index