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Person-Based Cognitive Therapy for Distressing Psychosis

Person-Based Cognitive Therapy for Distressing Psychosis

Paul Chadwick

ISBN: 978-0-470-02984-8 June 2006 204 Pages




This book provides a practical framework for using a person based cognitive therapy approach for addressing the range of problems experienced by people with psychosis. Chapters 1-4 provide a context for the approach and chapters 5-12 cover the clinical application of the approach. Key features include; the integration of the author’s work on Mindfulness (simple meditation technique that is similarly creating a lot of interest at present) for people with psychosis; inclusion of the two-chair method; plus a chapter on group therapy.

About the Author ix

Acknowledgements xi

Chapter 1 Person-Based Cognitive Therapy (PBCT) for Psychosis 1

Chapter 2 Relationship Building, Therapist Assumptions and Radical Collaboration 20

Chapter 3 Framework for PBCT: The Zone of Proximal Development 37

Chapter 4 Working with Symptomatic Meaning 58

Chapter 5 Relationship to Internal Experience: Mindfulness Practice 78

Chapter 6 Working with Schemata 98

Chapter 7 Self-Acceptance and the Symbolic Self 117

Chapter 8 PBCT Groups: Principles and Practice 138

Chapter 9 Ending and the Process of Change 157

Appendix BAVQ–R 174

References 177

Index 183