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Person-Centred Healthcare Research

Person-Centred Healthcare Research

Brendan McCormack (Editor), Sandra van Dulmen (Editor), Hilde Eide (Editor), Kirsti Skovdahl (Editor), Tom Eide (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-09960-4

Sep 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

240 pages

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Person-Centred Healthcare Research provides an innovative and novel approach to exploring a range of research designs and methodological approaches aimed at investigating person-centred healthcare practice within and across healthcare disciplines.

With contributions from internationally renowned experts in the field, this engaging resource challenges existing  R&D methodologies and their relevance to advancing person-centred knowledge generation, dissemination, translation, implementation and use.  It also explores new developments in research methods and practices that open up new avenues for advancing the field of person-centred practice.  

Person-Centred Healthcare Research:

  • Enables students, practitioners, managers and researchers to gain a solid understanding of the complexity of person-centred thinking in research designs and methods.
  • Explores the theories and practices underpinning a topical subject within current healthcare practice.
  • Is edited by an internationally recognised team who are at the forefront of person-centred healthcare research.




Section 1: Person-Centredness and Foundations of Person-Centred Research

1 Person]Centredness in Healthcare Policy, Practice and Research
Brendan McCormack, Sandra van Dulmen, Hilde Eide, Kirsti Skovdahl and Tom Eide

2 Philosophical Perspectives on Person]Centredness for Healthcare Research
Jan Dewing, Tom Eide and Brendan McCormack

3 The Knowing and Being of Person]Centred Research Practice Across Worldviews: An Epistemological and Ontological Framework
Angie Titchen, Shaun Cardiff and Stian Biong

4 Being a Person]Centred Researcher: Principles and Methods for Doing Research in a Person]Centred Way
Gaby Jacobs, Famke van Lieshout, Marit Borg and Ottar Ness

5 Research into Person]Centred Healthcare Technology: A Plea for Considering Humanisation Dimensions
Gaby Jacobs, Teatske van der Zijpp, Famke van Lieshout and Sandra van Dulmen

6 A Participatory Approach to Person]Centred Research: Maximising Opportunities for Recovery
Larry Davidson, Chyrell Bellamy, Elizabeth Flanagan, Kimberly Guy and Maria O’Connell

7 Co]Creating Flourishing Research Practices Through Person]Centred Research: A Focus on Persons
Living with Dementia
Kirsti Skovdahl and Jan Dewing

8 Leadership Research: A Person]Centred Agenda
Tom Eide and Shaun Cardiff

Section 2: Doing Person-Centred Research: Methods in Action

9 Staffing Structures for Effectiveness in Person]Centred Care: The RAFAELA® System
Lisbeth Fagerström

10 Giving Voice to ‘Hard To Reach Groups’ in Healthcare Research: A Narrative Approach
Catherine Buckley

11 Promoting Health Across the Lifespan: A Systems Approach
Elisabeth Fosse, Steffen Torp and Ingun Stang

12 How Knowledge Developed Through Ethnography May Inform Person]Centred Healthcare Practices
Kristin Briseid, Astrid Skatvedt and Brendan McCormack

13 Person]Centred Technology]Supported Interventions
Sandra van Dulmen, Espen Brembo, Janne Dugstad and Hilde Eide

14 Learning to be an Effective Person]Centred Practitioner
Caroline Williams and Brendan McCormack

15 Doing Eye and Vision Research in a Person]Centred Way
Rigmor C. Baraas, Lene A. Hagen, Hilde R. Pedersen and Jon V.B. Gjelle

16 Person]Centred Communication Research: Systematic Observation of Real Life Practice
Hilde Eide, Linda Hafskjold, Vibeke Sundling and Sandra van Dulmen

17 Introducing Sex and Gender]Sensitive Person]Centred Research
Stina Öresland and Sylvia Määttä

18 Future Directions for Person]Centred Healthcare Research
Sandra van Dulmen, Brendan McCormack, Tom Eide, Kirsti Skovdahl and Hilde Eide