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Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Susan Chritton

ISBN: 978-1-118-91556-1 June 2014 360 Pages


The simple guide to managing your personal brand, a vital element of success in the professional world

Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is your guide to creating and maintaining a personal trademark by equating self-impression with other people's perceptions. This updated edition includes new information on expanding your brand through social media, online job boards, and communities, using the tried and true methods that are the foundation of personal branding. Marketing your skills and personality, and showing the rest of the world who you are, gives you a competitive edge. Whether you're looking for your first job, considering changing careers, or just want to be more viable and successful in your current career, this guide provides the step-by-step information you need to develop your personal brand.

Distinguishing yourself from the competition is important in any facet of business, and the rise of personal branding has evolved specifically to help candidates stand out from the global talent pool. Establishing a professional presence with a clear and concise image, reputation, and status is a must, whether you're a new grad or an accomplished executive. Personal marketing has never been more important, and your personal brand should communicate the best you have to offer. Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, leads you step by step through the self-branding process.

  • Includes information on how to know the "real" you
  • Explains how to develop a target market positioning statement
  • Helps you make plans for your personal brand communications
  • Instructs you with ways to make your mark on your brand environment

The book also discusses continued brand building, demonstrating your brand, and the 10 things that can sink your brand. A personal brand is more than just a business card and a resume. It should be exquisitely crafted to capture exactly the image you wish to project. Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition provides the information, tips, tricks, and techniques you need to do it right.

Introduction 1

Part I: Why Is Personal Branding Important? 5

Chapter 1: Showing the World Who You Are 7

Chapter 2: Appreciating the Power of Branding 25

Chapter 3: Case Studies in Personal Branding Success 39

Part II: Knowing Your Brand 53

Chapter 4: Defining Who You Are 55

Chapter 5: Spotting Your Target Audience 87

Chapter 6: Knowing Your Niche — and Your Competitors 101

Chapter 7: Crafting Your Personal Brand Profile 113

Chapter 8: Writing Your Story 125

Part III: Communicating Your Brand with the World 139

Chapter 9: Branding Your Traditional Communication Tools 141

Chapter 10: Communicating Your Brand Online 161

Chapter 11: Planning Your Personal Brand Communications 195

Part IV: Controlling Your Brand Ecosystem 211

Chapter 12: Fashioning Your Image to Match Your Personal Brand 213

Chapter 13: Your Visual Identity: Making Your Mark on Your Brand Environment 233

Chapter 14: Focusing on Special Populations 251

Chapter 15: Building and Nurturing Your Network 271

Chapter 16: Personal Branding in the Workplace 287

Part V: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 17: Ten Key Benefits of Personal Branding 307

Chapter 18: Ten Ways You Can Sink Your Brand 311

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Demonstrate Your Brand 315

Chapter 20: Ten Things You Can Do to Continue to Build Your Brand 321

Index 325