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Personal Development All-in-One, 2nd Edition



Personal Development All-in-One, 2nd Edition

Gillian Burn (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-96638-8 December 2011 558 Pages


Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies is a complete guide to a range of techniques you can use to master your thoughts and achieve your goals. Discover the basic principles of each approach and receive sensible, practical and effective expert advice on how each one can help you challenge negative beliefs and change your attitudes. Whether you wish to conquer an anxiety, communicate better with others or simply think more positively, here you will find proven and popular methods that you can use to make major changes - improving your personal power and creating the life you want.

Techniques covered:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Life Coaching
  • Building Self-confidence
Introduction 1

Book I: Essential Concepts of Personal Development 7

Chapter 1: Exploring the Key Themes of NLP 9

Chapter 2: Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 21

Chapter 3: Examining Confidence 29

Chapter 4: Introducing Life Coaching 43

Book II: Neuro-linguistic Programming 55

Chapter 1: Taking Charge of Your Life 57

Chapter 2: Creating Rapport 79

Chapter 3: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The Meta Model 105

Chapter 4: Seeing, Hearing and Feeling Your Way to Better Communication 127

Chapter 5: Opening the Toolkit 147

Chapter 6: Understanding the Psychology Behind Your Habits and Behaviours 171

Book III: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 193

Chapter 1: Correcting Your Thinking 195

Chapter 2: Overcoming Obstacles to Progress 227

Chapter 3: Putting CBT into Action 259

Chapter 4: Taking a Fresh Look at Your Past 291

Chapter 5: Setting Your Sights on Goals 315

Book IV: Confidence 345

Chapter 1: Identifying Your Sticking Points 347

Chapter 2: Building Your Confident Self 359

Chapter 3: Developing Your Emotional and Physical Confidence 377

Chapter 4: Acting with Confidence in Your Daily Life 401

Chapter 5: Engaging Others 423

Book V: Life Coaching 443

Chapter 1: Introducing Your Coaching Journey 445

Chapter 2: Visualising Your Whole-Life Goals 461

Chapter 3: Becoming Your Best Self 483

Chapter 4: Focusing on the Elements of Your Life 509

Chapter 5: Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being 529

Chapter 6: Developing and Growing 557

Appendix: Personal Development Resources 577

Index 583