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Personal Relationships: Love, Identity, and Morality

Personal Relationships: Love, Identity, and Morality

Hugh LaFollette

ISBN: 978-0-631-19685-3 November 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


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This volume is a philosophical introduction and exploration of the nature and value of personal relationships. It is an ideal text for introductory philosophy, ethics, or applied ethics courses.


Part I: The Nature and Value of Personal Relationships:.

1. What is a Personal Relationship?.

2. Emotions and Feelings.

3. Why Do I Love?.

4. Reasons for Love.

5. Value of Personal Relationships.

Part II: The Personal Bond:.

6. Interpreting Another's Behavior.

7. Intimacy and Trust.

8. Honesty & Self-Knowledge.

9. Equity in Relationships.

10. The Art of Loving.

11. Sex and Jealousy.

12. Commitment.

13. Morality and Personal Relationships.



"An engaging and accessible discussion of love and friendship. LaFollette has produced valuable and interesting results, and he defends his position with philosophical acuity and personal wisdom." Lester Hunt, University of Wisconsin
  • Lucid and engaging introduction to the ethics of sex, love and friendship.