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Personnel in Practice

Personnel in Practice

Donald Currie

ISBN: 978-0-631-20089-5

Jul 1997

352 pages

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Personnel in Practice has been written and developed to meet the needs of students undertaking the Institute of Personnel and Development Certificate in Personnel Practice Course (the IPD-CPP course). It gives students the knowledge, understanding and skills both to meet the course needs and to function effectively in the real world of personnel practice.
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Part I: The Context of Personnel Practice:.

1. Organisations.

2. A History of Management Thought.

3. Management Processes and Functions.

4. Communication.

5. Motivation.

6. Leadership.

7. General Personnel Activities.

Part II: Planning the Human Resource:.

8. Human Resource Planning.

9. Recruitment.

10. Selection.

11. Induction.

Part III: Developing Employees:.

12. Aspects of Learning.

13. Training.

14. The Techniques of Training.

Part IV: Performance Management: .

15. Personality, Perception and Intelligence.

16. Attitudes.

17. Groups in Organisations.

18. Systems of Appraisal.

19. Reward Management.

Part V: Personnel Information:.

20. Personnel Administration.

21. Personnel Information Systems.

Part VI: Employee Relations:.

22. The Employee Relationship.

23. Industrial Relations.

24. Workplace Health and Safety.


  • Targeted at and specifically developed for IPD-CPP courses.

  • Breaks material into 6 clear sections corresponding to syllabus.

  • Written by an author with long experience in teaching personnel issues/IPD courses. Author also has extensive practical experience as a personnel professional.