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Perspectives in Paediatric Oncology Nursing



Perspectives in Paediatric Oncology Nursing

Faith Gibson, Louise Soanes, Beth Sepion

ISBN: 978-0-470-03383-8 June 2006 240 Pages


Originally emanating from presentations at an international conference, this text brings together research and practice development from three perspectives: practice, management and education. Within these three sections the book presents a series of chapters written mainly by practitioners, but some in collaboration with academics. At the end of each section there is a commentary by a practitioner, manager or researcher, which aims to offer a helpful critique on the papers in their section, guiding the reader to consider other areas of research and practice development.

At a time when practitioners are being called to produce and use evidence in their practice, this book should offer a valuable contribution to that evidence base.

Foreword Fiona Smith.



Part 1 - Perspectives on Education - Helen Langdon

Chapter 1 Defining a framework for advancing clincial practice - Faith Giobson and Louise Hooker.

Chapter 2 Specialist nurse: identified professional role or personal agenda? - Jane Hunt.

Chapter 3 The development of nursing roles in a day-care setting - Louise Soanes, Karen Bravery, Julie Bayliss, Faith Gibson and Emmie Parsons.

Chapter 4 Developing clinical competencies - Faith Gibson and Louise Soanes.

Chapter 5 Peace: paediatric education, active contribution, evolution - Julianne Hall, Wilma Stuart and Louise Soanes.

Chapter 6 Developing roles in paediatric oncology: a case study - Monica Hopkins and Karen Selwood.

Part 2 Perspectives on the Service - Janet Williss.

Chapter 7 Setting up an adolescent service - Sue Morgan and Diane Hubber.

Chapter 8 Semen collection in adolescents with cancer - Neil Shaw, Howard Wilford and Beth Sepion.

Chapter 9 Teenagers' inforamtion needs - Louise Hooker.

Chapter 10 Shared Care - Beth Sepion.

Chapter 11 A survey of staffing levels - Rachel Hollis, Alison Arnfield and Guy Makin.

Part 3 Perspectives on Care  Tom Devine.

Chapter 12 A delphi survey: establishing nursing research priorities - Louise Soanes, Faith Gibson, Julie Bayliss and Julia Hannan.

Chapter 13 Development of an oral care protocol - Faith Gibson and Sharon Hayden.

Chapter 14 Cancer-related fatique in teenagers: a journey of discovery - Jackie Edwards, Faith Gibson and Beth Sepion.

Chapter 15 The experience of children with central venous catheter - Linda Sanderson.

Chapter 16 Disease and treatment-related distress among children aged 4-7 years: parent and nurse perceptions - Mariann Hedstrom and Louise von Essen.

Chapter 17 Parental home administration of cytosine chemotherapy - Pippa Chesterfield.