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Persuasion and Influence For Dummies

Elizabeth Kuhnke

ISBN: 978-0-470-66402-5 September 2011 384 Pages


Many people want to gain trust or support in business and throughout life, but the true skill is doing so in a charming fashion! Whether you're convincing the boss about your much-deserved promotion or a busy restaurateur to offer a better table, the power of persuasion can help improve and increase your successes.

Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of the bestselling Body Language For Dummies, guides the reader through easy-to-implement techniques that can turn a timid person into someone bursting with self confidence and the ability to influence.

Topics covered will include:

  • The key elements in becoming more persuasive - body language, listening skills, using persuasive words and actions
  • Finding a common ground and establishing a connection with your audience
  • Capturing their attention and keeping them interested
  • Putting yourself across convincingly
  • Getting things done through others
  • Identifying the type of person you're dealing with - and responding in an appropriate manner
Introduction 1

Part I: Preparing to Persuade and Influence 7

Chapter 1: Laying the Groundwork for Persuasion and Influence 9

Chapter 2: Finding Common Ground with Your Audience 27

Chapter 3: Establishing an Emotional Connection 57

Chapter 4: Putting Together a Compelling Case 73

Chapter 5: Establishing Your Credibility 93

Chapter 6: Exhibiting and Exercising Your Expertise 117

Part II: Developing Your Persuasive and Influencing Skills 135

Chapter 7: Listening Actively 137

Chapter 8: Gaining and Maintaining Your Audience’s Interest 155

Chapter 9: Gearing Your Approach to Different Decision-Making Styles 177

Part III: Picking the Right Approach 205

Chapter 10: Getting Things Done with the Help of Others 207

Chapter 11: Leading by Example: Quietly Creating Big Change 229

Chapter 12: Appealing to Other People’s Drives, Needs and Desires 245

Part IV: Putting Persuasion and Influencing Skills into Practice 271

Chapter 13: Getting Physical: Putting Body Language to Work 273

Chapter 14: Perfecting Your Persuasive Voice 293

Part V: The Part of Tens 321

Chapter 15: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Influence Anyone 323

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Persuade Electronically: Emails and Beyond 329

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Persuade over the Phone 339

Chapter 18: Ten Essential Instruments for Your Persuasion Toolkit 347

Index 357