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Pesticide Remediation in Soils and Water



Pesticide Remediation in Soils and Water

Philip C. Kearney (Editor), Terry Roberts (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-96805-4 September 1998 400 Pages


Provides a timely and comprehensive review of all methods of remediation of land and water contaminated by pesticides with contributions from experts in industry, government and academia.

The safe disposal of pesticide wastes is one of the most critical issues in the whole field of pesticide technology and this book covers all the main methods for reducing the concentration of pesticide waste, including incineration and destruction by micro-organisms (bioremediation). It discusses new remediation methods, pesticide production and generation of pesticide waste, focusing on the prevention of spills and accidental contamination. There is also a chapter on regulation authored by two members of the US Environment Agency.

This is a first class book of interest to anyone involved in the production, use and clean-up of pesticides.
User Sites and the Generation of Pesticide Waste (A. Felsot).

Industrial Aspects of Remediation--Environmental Safety (D. Paulson).

Disposal Options Based on Properties of Pesticides in Soil and Water (P. Kearney & R. Wauchope).

Pesticide Fate and Behavior in Soil at Elevated Concentrations (J. Gan & W. Koskinen).

Incineration as a Pesticide Remediation Method (E. Steverson).

Thermal Desportion (W. Troxler).

Landfarming Pesticide-Contaminated Soils (A. Felsot).

Direct Radical Oxidation Processes (C. Hapeman & A. Torrents).

Pesticide Bioremediation: Genetic and Ecological Considerations (D. Shelton & J. Karns).

Biostimulation: Enhancement of Cometabolic Processes to Remediate Pesticide-Contaminated Soils (R. Zablotowicz, et al.).

Phytoremediation (E. Arthur & J. Coats).

Innovation Remediation Technology (M. Rock, et al.).

Photochemical Processes (L. Muszkat).

Regulatory Aspects of Pesticide Remediation (N. Fitz & J. Jensen).

"...this is an excellent [volume] of considerable value to all professionals involved in the production, use and regrettably the clean-up of pesticides, which are now a requisite for increasing agricultural production and yields.", , , International Journal of Environmental Studies#"... a valuable contribution for those interested in dealing with the problems of pesticide waste and soil contamination treatment. It compiles a wealth of scientific and technological information which would be tedious to obtain otherwise.", , , European Journal of Soil Science#