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Pesticide Residues in Food and Drinking Water: Human Exposure and Risks



Pesticide Residues in Food and Drinking Water: Human Exposure and Risks

Denis Hamilton (Editor), Stephen Crossley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-09160-9 May 2004 378 Pages


This book explores human exposure and consumer risk assessment in response to issues surrounding pesticide residues in food and drinking water.

All the three main areas of consumer risk assessment including human toxicology, pesticide residue chemistry and dietary consumption are brought together and discussed.

  • Includes the broader picture - the environmental fate of pesticides
  • Takes an international approach with contributors from the European Union, USA and Australia
  • Highlights the increasing concerns over food safety and the risks to humans



Series Preface.


1. Introduction (Denis Hamilton and Stephen Crossley).

2. Environmental Fate of Pesticides and the Consequences for Residues in Food and Drinking Water (Jack Holland and Phil Sinclair).

3. Pesticide Metabolism in Crops and Livestock (Michael W. Skidmore and ´ Arp´ad Ambrus).

4. Effects of Food Preparation and Processing on Pesticide Residues in Commodities of Plant Origin (Gabriele Timme and Birgitt Walz-Tylla).

5. Toxicological Assessment of Agricultural Pesticides (Mike Watson).

6. Diets and Dietary Modelling for Dietary Exposure Assessment (J. Robert Tomerlin and Barbara J. Petersen).

7. Chronic Intake (Les Davies, Michael O’Connor and Sheila Logan).

8. Acute Intake (Kim Z. Travis Denis Hamilton, Les Davies, Matthew O’Mullane and Utz Mueller).

9. Natural Toxicants as Pesticides (John A. Edgar).

10. International Standards: The International Harmonization of Pesticide Residue Standards for Food and Drinking Water (Wim H. Van Eck).

11. Explaining the Risks (Sir Colin Berry).


" someone working in the field, I will value this book as an excellent source of fundamental information..." (Chemistry & Industry, 15 Mar 2004)

"...very well-documented..." (International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Vol.84, No.14 - 15, 10 - 20 December 2004)

"...a concise and well-organised work..." (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Vol 19 (9), September 2005)