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Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

Timothy T. Marrs (Editor), Bryan Ballantyne (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-49644-1

Feb 2004

592 pages

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This book brings together key features of the toxicology and occupational hazards of pesticides and the way their use is regulated in the main trading regions of the world. There are chapters on each of the main groups of insecticides, namely organochlorines, anticholinesterases and pyrethrins and pyrethroids. The book also covers fungicides and herbicides, as well as more specialised agents such as microbial pesticides. The risks and hazards to humans are considered, both occupational and through the consumption of contaminated foodstuffs.  Additionally, clinical aspects of pesticide poisoning are discussed.

The possibility of harm from pesticide exposure has led to the development of national and international regulations governing the application of pesticides. The book describes the regulatory systems in three major economic areas: the North American Free Trade Area (USA, Canada and Mexico), the European Union and Japan.

This book should be of interest to all individuals working on the development and application of pesticides anywhere in the world. All those involved in the manufacture, regulation and toxicology of pesticides should also benefit from reading this book.


List of Contributors.

Frequently Used Abbreviations.

Toxicity Classifications and Hazard Ratings.

1. Pesticides: An Overview of Fundamentals (Bryan Ballantyne & Timothy Marrs).


2. Toxicology of Organochlorine Insecticides (Andrew G. Smith).

3. Anticholinesterase Insecticides (Charles M. Thompson and Rudy J. Richardson ).

4. Toxicology of Pyrethrins and Synthetic Pyrethroids (David E. Ray).

5. Toxicology of miscellaneous insecticides (Roland Solecki).


6. Toxicology of Fungicides (Bryan Ballantyne).

7. Toxicology of Herbicides (Timothy C. Marrs).


8. Microbial Pesticides (Ian C. Dewhurst).

9. Biocides (Bryan Ballantyne and Susan L. Jordan).


10. Variability of Residues in Unprocessed Food Items and its Impact on Consumer Risk Assessment (Caroline A. Harris and Alan R. C. Hill).


11. Occupational Aspects of Pesticide Toxicity in Humans (Angelo Moretto).

12. Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning (Gregory P. Wedin and Blaine E. Benson).


13. Regulation of Pesticides and Biocides in the European Union (Deborah J. Hussey and Graham M. Bell).

14. Regulation in NAFTA (Cheryl E. A. Chaffey and Virginia A. Dobozy).

15. The Regulatory System in Japan (Kannosuke Fujimori).


"Toxicologists, toxicologic pathologists, and others involved in the manufacture, use, and regulation of pesticides would be interested in this reference…" (Veterinary Pathology, July 2005)

"...a good account of [the] properties and the effects of exposure...a superb bibliography..." (Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, July 2004)

"...impressed with the scope of the book...very invaluable reference source..." (The British Toxicological Society, No. 24, Summer 2004)

“…well researched and well organised.” (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Vol 18 No 8 August 2004) 

“…an excellent resource for chemists and toxicologists in the pesticide industry, academia, pesticide regulators and regulatory affairs professionals.” (Chemistry and Industry, 18th October 2004)