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Pesticides in Crop Production: Physiological and Biochemical Action

Pesticides in Crop Production: Physiological and Biochemical Action

Prabhat Kumar Srivastava (Editor), Vijay Pratap Singh (Editor), Anita Singh (Editor), Dr. Durgesh K. Tripathi (Editor), Samiksha Singh (Editor), Sheo Mohan Prasad (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-43223-4

Aug 2019

600 pages

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Many scientists assert that use of chemical pesticides is unavoidable due to the need to feed a growing global population and diminishing agricultural land because of their usage in non-agrarian tasks. Others are against the use of chemical pesticides on environmental, and a third group advocates a balanced use of pesticides and advocate for integrated pest management.

This book will critically examine whether the chemical pesticides are boon or bane and whether they can be replaced by environmental friendly pesticides and feasibility of using bio-pesticides. The readers will get all concerning issues in one book enabling them to be more rational.

This book will extensively cover the diversity of pesticides used in modern agricultural practices, and the social and environmental issues pertaining to them. The impact of pesticides on soil microorganisms, crops and other plants shall be dealt along with the impact on other organisms like aquatic fauna, terrestrial animals including human beings. The impacts will be assessed from the morphological, anatomical, physiological and biochemical perspectives. In recent years, pesticide toxicity has been exhaustively studied on several organisms. There are also reports of low dose stimulation effects, popularly called as hormesis, and these studies will be reviewed.