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Pfeiffer Guide to Training Basics: Complete 3 Volume Set


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Pfeiffer Guide to Training Basics: Complete 3 Volume Set

Janis Fisher Chan

ISBN: 978-0-470-52651-4 December 2009 Pfeiffer 600 Pages


This complete set includes all three volumes of the Pfeiffer Essential Guides to Training Basics: Training Fundamentals, Designing and Developing Training Programs, and Delivering Training Workshops.

The first of the series, Training Fundamentals, provides practical information, strategies, techniques, guidelines, step-by-step procedures, tips, and tools that trainers can put to use right away. It features a wealth of checklists, templates, and other tools, along with strategies, perspectives, and ideas from a wide range of experienced training professionals. This book offres a comprehensive overview of training including information on the purpose of training, the way it’s delivered, what a trainer does, adult learning theory, training assessment, learner focused training, cost-effective training, and instructional design.

Designing and Developing Training Programs focuses on developing and presenting training programs.  This volume features essential information on planning a project, assessing the audience, covering needs, creating performance-based objectives, when and if to use off-the-shelf programs, developing enabling objectives, pacing, creating activities, test-running your program, and much more.

The third volume, Delivering Training Workshops, contains best practices for scheduling, notifying participants, introducing the program, setting up the space, practicing the presentation, engaging the participants, establishing rapport, preparing materials, taking risks, facilitating discussions, creating action plans, following up on what is learned, and much more.