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Pharmacology for Podiatrists

Pharmacology for Podiatrists

Dr. Rae Morgan, Dr. Margaret Johnson

ISBN: 978-0-470-69835-8

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

224 pages



Proposed changes in practice legislation will allow podiatrists to prescribe a limited range of drugs and dressings. It is therefore now imperative that students and practitioners understand pharmacology. Not only the mechanisms of action of drugs, but also their potential side-effects and interactions with other drugs taken by the patient.

This book will cover both basic and clinical pharmacology. The podiatrist's role in examination, assessment and diagnosis are considered.

Preface; Contents; Common Abbreviations; Introduction; How Drugs Work; The Role of the Podiatrist in Patient Care; Drugs affecting the Peripheral Nervous System; Drugs affecting the Central Nervous System; Drugs affecting the Gastrointestinal System; Drugs affecting the Cardiovascular System; Drugs affecting the Respiratory System; Chemotherapeutic Drugs; Drugs affecting the Endocrine System; Drugs affecting the Urinary System; Drugs affecting the Reproductive System; Drugs affecting the Musculo-Skeletal System; Drugs affecting the Eye and Ear; Drugs acting on the Skin; Local Anaesthetics; Cytotoxic Drugs; Appendix.
* the first textbook for the new pharmacology module on podiatry degree courses and for the certificate in medicines.
* written by a pharmacologist and a podiatrist
* line illustrations used to explain highly specialised mechanisms of drug action.