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Phase Transformations in Materials

Phase Transformations in Materials

Gernot Kostorz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60264-3

Jan 2005

724 pages

Select type: O-Book


For all kinds of materials, phase transformations show common phenomena and mechanisms, and often turn a material, for example metals, multiphase alloys, ceramics or composites, into its technological useful form.
The physics and thermodynamics of a transformation from the solid to liquid state or from one crystal form to another are therefore essential for creating high-performance materials.
This handbook covers phase transformations, a general phenomenon central to understanding the behavior of materials and for creating high-performance materials. It will be an essential reference for all materials scientists, physicists and engineers involved in the research and development of new high performance materials. It is the revised and enhanced edition of the renowned book edited by the late P. Haasen in 1990 (Vol. 5, Materials Science and Technology).
Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams of Materials
Diffusion in Crystalline Solids
Statistical Theories of Phase Transitions
Homogeneous Second Phase Precipitation
Spinodal Decomposition
Transformations Involving Interfacial Diffusion
Atomic Ordering
Diffusionless Transformations
High Pressure Phase Transformations