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Phaselock Techniques, 3rd Edition

Floyd M. Gardner

ISBN: 978-0-471-73268-6 August 2005 550 Pages


A greatly revised and expanded account of phaselock technology

The Third Edition of this landmark book presents new developments in the field of phaselock loops, some of which have never been published until now. Established concepts are reviewed critically and recommendations are offered for improved formulations. The work reflects the author's own research and many years of hands-on experience with phaselock loops.

Reflecting the myriad of phaselock loops that are now found in electronic devices such as televisions, computers, radios, and cell phones, the book offers readers much new material, including:
* Revised and expanded coverage of transfer functions
* Two chapters on phase noise
* Two chapters examining digital phaselock loops
* A chapter on charge-pump phaselock loops
* Expanded discussion of phase detectors and of oscillators
* A chapter on anomalous phaselocking
* A chapter on graphical aids, including Bode plots, root locus plots, and Nichols charts

As in the previous editions, the focus of the book is on underlying principles, which remain valid despite technological advances. Extensive references guide readers to additional information to help them explore particular topics in greater depth.

Phaselock Techniques, Third Edition is intended for practicing engineers, researchers, and graduate students. This critically acclaimed book has been thoroughly updated with new information and expanded for greater depth.


1. Introduction.

2. Transfer Functions of Analog PLLs.

3. Graphical Aids.

4. Digital PLLs: Transfer Functions and Related Tools.

5. Tracking.

6. Effects of Additive Noise.

7. Effects of Phase Noise.

8. Acquisition of Phaselock.

9. Oscillators.

10. Phase Detectors.

11. Loop Filters.

12. Charge-Pump Phaselock Loops.

13. Digiotal (Sampled) Phaselock Loops.

14. Anomalous Locking.

15. PLL Frequency Synthesizers.

16. Phaselocked Modulators and Demodulators.

17. Miscellaneous Applications of Phaselock Loops.


The third edition of Phaselock Technologies updates the prime work on phaselock loops (PLLs).
"I believe it is a must on the bookshelf of everybody working with PLLs."  (IEEE Communications Magazine, October 2007)
  • This is a new edition of the leading book in the field.
  • Will treat Digital PLL and its applications.
  • Will treat Frequency Synthesis.
  • Will treat Simulation of PLLs.
  • The only book to emphasize digital techniques.