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Philosophy: A Beginners Guide, 3rd Edition

Philosophy: A Beginners Guide, 3rd Edition

Jenny Teichman, Katherine C. Evans

ISBN: 978-0-631-21321-5 November 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages


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Philosophy: a Beginner's Guide is unique in its approach to introducing philosophy. Its succinct and self-contained chapters make this jargon-free text accessible to people who have had little or no previous contact with philosophy.

Introduction: What is Philosophy?.

Part I: Metaphysics: The Philosophy of Being and Knowing:.

1. Some Puzzles about Existence.

2. The Existence of God.

3. The Existence and Identity of Persons.

4. The Problem of Free Will.

5. The Existence of Evil.

6. The Problem of Knowledge.

7. Scepticism Old and New.

Part II: Ethics: The Philosophy of Value:.

8. Morality and Illusion.

9. Egoism and Altruism.

10. Utility and Principles.

11. Life and Death.

Part III: Political Philosophy: The Philosophy of State and Citizen:.

12. Authority and Anarchy.

13. Liberty.

14. Equality.

15. Marx and Marxism.

16. Politics and Sex.

Part IV: The Philosophy of Science: .

17. The Methods of Science.

18. Causation.

19. Induction.

Part V: Logic: The Philosophy of Inference and Argument:.

20. The Subject Matter of Logic.

21. Syllogistic Logic.

22. Modern Logic.

23. The Propositional Calculus.

24. The Predicate Calculus.

Part VI: Philosophy and Life:.

25. The Meaning of Life.

26. The Influence of Philosophy on Life.

Appendix I: The Great Philosophers.

Appendix II: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century.

Appendix III: Some Well-known Contemporary Philosophers.

Bibliography and Further Reading.


"It is gracefully written and beautifully organized, making it a pleasure to read." Times Literary Supplement
* Includes new chapter on Scepticism.
* Assumes no previous contact with philosophy.
* Distinguished by its range and accessibility.
* Guides the reader through the most central and important questions of philosophy.