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Philosophy Compass

Philosophy Compass

Edited By:Elizabeth Barnes

Vol 12(12 Issues in 2017 )

Online ISSN: 1747-9991

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Unique in both range and approach, Philosophy Compass is an online-only journal publishing peer-reviewed survey articles of the most important research from and current thinking from across the entire discipline. In an age of hyper-specialization, Philosophy Compass provides an ideal starting point for the non-specialist, offering pointers for researchers, teachers and students alike, to help them find and interpret the best research in the field.

Articles in Philosophy Compass are published under the following sections: Aesthetics | Continental | Epistemology | Ethics | History of Philosophy | Logic & Language | Metaphysics | Mind & Cognitive Science | Naturalistic Philosophy | Philosophy of Science | Philosophy of Religion | Legal & Political Philosophy

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