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Philosophy East / West: Exploring Intersections between Educational and Contemplative Practices

Philosophy East / West: Exploring Intersections between Educational and Contemplative Practices

Oren Ergas (Editor), Sharon Todd (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-14730-5

Jan 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

208 pages


Philosophy East/West showcases new scholarship in the philosophy of education and contemplative studies, paying particular attention to the intersection of mindfulness, evidence-based science, and wisdom traditions.

  • Moves beyond simplistic explanations of “Eastern” and “Western” to explore the complexity and diversity of various wisdom traditions
  • Investigates the effect of mindfulness-based curricular interventions on current educational theory and practice
  • Uses insights from important Western philosophers—including Heidegger, Levinas, and Foucault—to situate contemplative practice within contemporary educational theory
  • Emphasizes the importance of transcultural and intercultural approaches in the philosophy of education

Notes on Contributors vii

Introduction 1
Oren Ergas and Sharon Todd

1 On the Contemporary Applications of Mindfulness: Some Implications for Education 9
Terry Hyland

2 Contemplative Pedagogy and Mindfulness: Developing Creative Attention in an Age of Distraction 29
Aislinn O’Donnell

3 The Deeper Teachings of Mindfulness-Based ‘Interventions’ as a Reconstruction of ‘Education’ 47
Oren Ergas

4 Heidegger East and West: Philosophy as Educative Contemplation 68
David Lewin

5 Experiencing Change, Encountering the Unknown: An Education in ‘Negative Capability’ in Light of Buddhism and Levinas 90
Sharon Todd

6 Technologies of Self and the Cultivation of Virtues 107
Robert Hattam and Bernadette Baker

7 Intercultural Philosophy and the Nondual Wisdom of ‘Basic Goodness’: Implications for Contemplative and Transformative Education 129
Claudia Eppert, Daniel Vokey, Tram Truong Anh Nguyen, and Heesoon Bai

8 Reuniting Virtue and Knowledge 152
Tom Culham

9 Improvisation and Meditation in the Academy: Parallel Ordeals, Insights, and Openings 172
Edward Sarath

Index 000