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Philosophy and Poetry, Volume XXXIII



Philosophy and Poetry, Volume XXXIII

Peter A. French (Editor), Howard K. Wettstein (Editor), Ernie Lepore (Guest Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33446-3 November 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 200 Pages


Philosophy and Poetry is the 33rd volume in the Midwest Studies in Philosophy series. It begins with contributions in verse from two world class poets, JohnAshbery and Stephen Dunn, and an article by Dunn on the creative processthat issued in his poem. The volume features new work from an internationalcollection of philosophers exploring central philosophical issues pertinent topoetry as well as the connections between the two domains.

My Philosophy of Life John Ashbery 1

The Guardian Angel Stephen Dunn 3

The Poem, its Buried Subject, and the Revisionist Reader: Behind "The Guardian Angel" Stephen Dunn 5

Minds and Poems Keith Gunderson 11

Poetry and Abstract Thought Peter Lamarque 37

Poetry and Truth John Koethe 53

Toward a Philosophy of Poetry Anna Christina Ribeiro 61

Is Concrete Poetry Literature? Louise Hanson 78

Two Varieties of Literary Imagination: Metaphor, Fiction, and Thought Experiments Elisabeth Camp 107

"Like a Picture or a Bump on the Head": Vision, Cognition, and the Language of Poetry Troy Jollimore 131

Rhythm and Meaning in Poetry Patrick Suppes 159

About About: On Poetry and Paraphrase Angela Leighton 167

The Heresy of Paraphrase: When the Medium Really Is the Message Ernie Lepore 177

Aristotle, Shakespeare, and the Problem of Character Emily Grosholz 198

The Maimonidean Parable, the Arabic Poetics, and the Garden of Eden Josef Stern 209