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Philosophy and Science Fiction, Volume XXXIX



Philosophy and Science Fiction, Volume XXXIX

Peter A. French (Editor), Howard K. Wettstein (Editor), Eric Schwitzgebel (Guest Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-25543-7 December 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 300 Pages


Science Fiction and Philosophy deals with science-fictional thought experiments and their long history in philosophy, with roots back to the mythological inventions of ancient philosophers such as Plato and Zhuangzi. These thought experiments play a prominent role especially in current metaphysical theorizing about personal identity, artificial minds, and the nature of time. This issue includes reflections on the nature of science fiction, on the epistemology of science fictional thought experiments, on our possible moral and social relationships with future intelligent beings, on the prospects of human or post-human self-transformation, and on time travel. While most of the contributions are expository essays written in the typical style of journal articles, two of the contributions are original short stories written by prominent SF writers whose writing is informed by the advanced graduate work they
have done in philosophy.

But Is It Science Fiction?”: Science Fiction and a Theory of Genre 1
Simon J. Evnine

Improve Your Thought Experiments Overnight with Speculative Fiction! 29
Ross P. Cameron

Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy 46
Ben Blumson

The Epistemic Value of Speculative Fiction 58
Johan De Smedt and Helen De Cruz

The Alienation of Humans and Animals in Uplift Fiction 78
Ina Roy-Faderman

A Defense of the Rights of Artificial Intelligences 98
Eric Schwitzgebel and Mara Garza

“This Endless Space between the Words” 120
Troy Jollimore

Metaphysical Daring as a Posthuman Survival Strategy 144
Pete Mandik

Nowhere Man: Time Travel and Spatial Location 158
Sara Bernstein

Speculative Fiction and the Philosophy of Perception 169
Brian L. Keeley

Philosophical Science Fiction Intelligent Gorilla Comes to Shabbos Dinner
Eric Linus Kaplan

Crash Space 186
R. Scott Bakker

"The sheer variety of topics discussed will make it a nice introduction for anybody willing to examine some of the fundamental theoretical problems raised by speculative fiction." (Metapsychology Online Reviews, April 2016)