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Philosophy of Mind, Volume 20

Philosophy of Mind, Volume 20

Ernest Sosa (Editor), Enrique Villanueva (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33954-3

Dec 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

200 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This volume includes cutting edge work by some most distinguished senior contributors to the philosophy of mind, and also papers by younger philosophers rising to prominence. It is an exciting mix that displays how fertile and interesting this important field remains.
Introspective Humility (Tim Bayne and Maja Spener).

Attention and Mental Paint (Ned Block).

Independence of Variables in Mental Causation (John Campbell).

Judging, Believing and Thinking (Quassim Assam).

Perception and Computation (Jonathan Cohen).

Does Nagel’s Footnote Eleven Solve the Mind-Body Problem? (Tyler Doggett and Daniel Stoljar).

Intentionality Downsized (Christopher S. Hill).

The Autonomy of Mind (Frank Jackson).

Intentionality and Normativity (Uriah Kriegel).

Phenomenal Experience: A Cartesian Theater Revival (Joseph Levine).

A Disjunctive Theory of Introspection: A Reflection on Zombies and Anton’s Syndrome (Fiona MacPherson).

Consciousness, Type Physicalism, and Inference to the Best Explanation (Brian P. McLaughlin).

Experiencing Speech (Casey O’Callaghan).

Do Theories of Consciousness Rest on a Mistake? (Adam Pautz).

How to Think about Mental Qualities (David Rosenthal).

Practical Rationality is a Problem in the Philosophy of Mind (Timothy Schroeder).

Attention, Seeing, and Change Blindness Symposium (Michael Tye).

Convergence on the Problem of Mental Causation: Shoemaker’s Strategy for (Nonreductive?) Physicalists (Alyssa Ney).

Comments on Alyssa Ney (Sydney Shoemaker).