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Phonics for Dummies

Phonics for Dummies

Susan M. Greve

ISBN: 978-1-118-06830-4

Apr 2011

384 pages



Features kid- and parent-friendly tips and activities

The fun and easy way to grasp the ABCs of reading

Want to introduce your child to reading, or strengthen your child's reading skills? This fun and entertaining guide shows you how to use phonics as an easy and engaging path to reading. Phonics For Dummies contains tips on mastering letter sounds in reading, activities to engage your child's enthusiasm, and advice for making reading interesting and fun.

Discover how to:

  • Use phonics to learn to read
  • Improve reading and spelling skills
  • Master unusual sounds and spellings
  • Build your child's vocabulary
  • Play games that encourage progress

All this on the audio CD:

  • Dozens of letter sounds in friendly lessons
  • Keywords to help your child with reading and spelling
  • Easy examples and tips for your child to follow

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Part I: Getting Ready to Read with Phonics.

Chapter 1: Pondering the Power of Phonics.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Teaching Aids and Techniques.

Part II: Exploring the Fundamentals of Phonics.

Chapter 3: Starting with Simple Consonants and a Vowel.

Chapter 4: Finishing Short Vowels and Seeing Patterns.

Chapter 5: Joining Consonants Together to Make More Sounds.

Chapter 6: Pursuing Plurals and Compound Words.

Chapter 7: Making Long-Vowel Sounds.

Chapter 8: Presenting Diverse Vowel Sounds of a, o, and u.

Chapter 9: Delving into Diphthongs and Shortcuts.

Part III: Moving Beyond the Phonics Basics.

Chapter 10: Stepping Through the Pronunciation Process.

Chapter 11: Finding Happy Endings with Suffixes.

Chapter 12: The Dual Personalities of s, c, and g.

Chapter 13: Tapping into Unusual Spellings.

Chapter 14: Digging Deeper into Prefixes and Suffixes.

Part IV: Tackling the Trickier Side of Phonics.

Chapter 15: Schwinging with Schwa: Finding the Quick uh Sound.

Chapter 16: Explaining English Exceptions.

Chapter 17: Zeroing In On x and zh.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Challenging Activities for Reinforcement.

Chapter 19: Ten (Well, Not Just Ten) Recommended Supplemental Resources.

Appendix A: Phonics Guidelines and Definitions.

Appendix B: Recommended Books for Your Kid’s Library.

Appendix C: Keyword Cards You Can Use.

Appendix D: On the CD.