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Phonology in Generative Grammar



Phonology in Generative Grammar

Michael Kenstowicz

ISBN: 978-1-557-86426-0 January 1994 Wiley-Blackwell 720 Pages

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This is the most comprehensive and current introduction to phonological theory and analysis. Presupposing only minimal background in linguistics, the book introduces the basic concepts and principles of phonological analysis and then systematically develops the major innovations in the generative model since Chomsky and Halle's Sound Patterns of English (1968). Careful study of the text will enable the student to read the current scholarly literature with critical understanding and some perspective. Some unique features of the book include a set of exercises reinforcing the basic concepts and principles, illustrations from a variety of languages based on published and unpublished materials, a survey of all the major lines of research in phonological theory, and an extensive bibliography.

Phonology in Generative Grammar is supported by an instructor's manual.




1. The Sounds of Speech.

2. Phonological Rules and Representations.

3. Phonoligical Alternations and Derivations.

4. The Phonetic Foundations of Phonology.

5. Lexical Phonology.

6. The Syllable and the Syllabification.

7. Autosegmental Phonology.

8. The Phonological Skeleton.

9. Feature Geometry, Underspecification, and Constraints.

10. Stress.

11. Prododic Morphology.



Language Index.

Subject Index.

"This book presents a highly competent, comprehensive, and up-to-date summary of current theoretical phonology and does so in a sound pedagogical fashion and with an enduring encyclopedic value." Phonology

"Phonology in Generative Grammar is certainly the most comprehensive book to date on generative phonology, providing an astonishing wealth of information and analyses on virtually every topic discussed in the field. However, Phonology in Generative Grammar is more than simply a textbook for students; it is a state-of-the-art report for advanced practitioners where outstanding problems in almost all strands of generative research are discussed at length. The analyses Kenstowicz offers are, as a whole, excellent, and the book should be required reading for all phonologists. Indeed, Phonology in Generative Grammar will undoubtedly be the standard general work on generative phonology for years to come. Linguistics

"It is, in my view, the best in-depth introduction to the theory and practice of current generative phonology as well as a vast body of descriptive accounts, which is highly useful to anybody interested in the subject. Lingua

"This newly published book is a treasure chest of theory, discussion, and practice in phonological analysis following the generative tradition. Kenstowicz, one of the leading proponents of this model and a recognized authority in the field, presents the material in a lucid and clearly written style. Scattered throughout the discussion are insightful and perceptive comments allowing the reader to get a feel for how formal linguistic theory is developed and modified through interaction with real data. This work is admirably up-to-date and thorough, focusing primarily on topics which have sparked much interest and debate in the literature of the past ten years." Notes on Linguistics