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Photoshop® For Right-Brainers: The Art of Photomanipulation, 3rd Edition

Photoshop® For Right-Brainers: The Art of Photomanipulation, 3rd Edition

Al Ward

ISBN: 978-0-470-48527-9

Mar 2009

320 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Learn how to tap into the creative part of your brain to create amazing digital art in Photoshop CS4. This exciting, full-color guide is designed especially for artists and photographers who want to harness the thrilling potential of the new release of Photoshop. You’ll go beyond cookie-cutter techniques and discover unique ideas for creative expression so you can create melting landscapes, perform face lifts, and find other lesser-known effects. Timesaving techniques allow you to devote more time to the creative process.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Chapter 1 Tools for Building Your Masterpiece.

Using Blending Modes.

Blending Landscapes.

Experimenting with Blending Modes.

Extracting an Image from a Background.

Removing Objects from Their Background.

A New Home.

Working with Layer Masks.

Dynamic Masking.

Absurd Symmetry.

Shades of Gray.

Including Adjustment Layers.

Correcting without Corrupting.

Quick Cartoons.

Displacement Mapping.

Need Direction? Use a Map.

A Peek into a Later Chapter.

Discovering the Power of Blend If.


Chapter 2 Techniques for Embellishing Portraits.

Enhancing Eye Color.

Altering Eye Color.

Altering Hair Color.

Variation: Subtly Enhancing Highlights and Natural Hair Color.

Enhancing Lip Color.

Whitening Teeth.

Removing Acne and Blemishes.

Erasing Wrinkles.

Digital Liposuction.

Digital Face-Lift.


Chapter 3 A Few Right-Brained Special Effects.

Creating a Glass Sphere.

Forming the Sphere.

Enhancing with Light and Shadows.

Including Imperfections.

Intertwining Objects.

Creating Patterns from Photos: Victorian-Style Patterns.

Time to Mask.

Digitized Symmetry.

Generating Metal Objects and Text.

Heavy Metal Text.

Quick and Painless Variations.

Make It Shine.

Generating Plastic or Glass from Scratch.


Chapter 4 Texture, Color, and Layer Effects.

Using Apply Image: Why I Love It.

Enhancing Emotion.

Applying a Technical Background.

Applying a Montage Effect.

Adding Color to Black-and-White Images.

Method 1: Adding a Color Cast.

Method 2: Re-creating the Hand-Tinted Look.

Using Textures and Displacement  Maps.

Aged Paint on a Rough Surface.

Adding Real-World Texture to Skin.

Lightening, Darkening, and Coloring.


Chapter 5 Effects in the Real World.

Symmetrical Landscaping.

Symmetry in the Sky.

Patterns in the Sky.

Nature Patterns: Apply Image.

Creating a Neon Reflection on Water.

Blending the Photos into a New Scene.

Adding Liquid Transparency.

Changing the Mood.

From Calm to Creepy: The Graveyard.

Darkening Another Calm Scene.


Chapter 6 Animals.

Comical Critter Alteration.

Attack of the Giant Bug—in 3D!

Creature out of Place.

Crossbreeding Species: Human Lioness.

Crossbreeding Species 2: Pegasus.


Chapter 7 Digital Alterations and Manipulations.

Digital Woman.

Beginning the Process.

Adding the Logo.

Common Images in Art.

Enhanced Close-up: Macro Art.


Chapter 8 Going Beyond Canned Filters.

Retro Photo: Aging.

Creating Surface Cracks.

Finishing It Up.

Photo to Line Art: Sketching.

Power of the Brush: Creating and Painting with Custom Brushes.

Painting with Flowers.

Testing the Brush.

Portrait to Painting: Artistic.


Chapter 9 People as Art: Digital Manipulation.

Checkered Woman.


Cyborg: Digital Distortions.

Preparing the Head.

Relocating the Subject.

Flesh to Stone.


Chapter 10 Digital Intensive: Fast and Furious Projects.

Project 1: Photorealistic Framing.

Layering the Frame Elements.

Project 2: Changing Photos into Photoshop Presets.

Project 3: Little Monsters.

Parting Thoughts.

Appendix A Accessing Additional Resources.

Appendix B About the Companion CD.