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Photoshop® Sharpening

Photoshop® Sharpening

Tim Grey

ISBN: 978-0-782-15029-2

Aug 2005

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Every digital image needs sharpening. But most photographers don't know this or don't know how to apply sharpening accurately and effectively. This e-book, from best-selling author Tim Grey, is the only in-depth resource available on Photoshop sharpening, the first book to focus solely on this crucial function of digital photography. Written in clear language, it covers sharpening from the everyday basics to advanced, creative uses, with full-color examples throughout. Topics include recognizing when additional sharpening is needed, integrating sharpening into a Photoshop workflow, targeted sharpening, and third-party sharpening programs.

This e-book is designed from the outset for electronic viewing--not just a print book that has been "PDFed"; it includes interactive figures showing before-and-after effects of all Photoshop sharpening settings. The e-book also allows chapter-level printing.

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