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Photoshop 6 Complete

Photoshop 6 Complete

Dave Evans, Greg Jarboe, Hollis Thomases, Mari Smith, Chris Treadaway

ISBN: 978-0-782-12991-5

Nov 2001

976 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Photoshop 6 Complete is a one-of-a-kind book--valuable both for its broad content and its low price. This book contains the most comprehensive coverage available of all essential Photoshop features and tasks, from Photoshop fundamentals to tips and tricks for the experienced user.

Photoshop 6 Complete is for those learning to use Photoshop to produce images for print and the Web, or those who already use the software and want to expand their knowledge. Learn it all--from accessing and arranging palettes, to creating an animation from a Photoshop file. There's something here for everyone!

Photoshop 6 Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about this incredibly powerful program.


Part I An Introduction to Photoshop 6.

Chapter 1 Introducing Graphics.

Chapter 2 Introducing Photoshop 6 Features.

Chapter 3 Using the Editing Tools In Photoshop 6.

Chapter 4 Using Image-Modification Tools in Photoshop 6.

Chapter 5 Getting Images into Photoshop.

Part II An Introduction to Photoshop 6.

Chapter 6 Layering Your Image.

Chapter 7 Drawing Paths.

Chapter 8 Using Channels and Quick Mask.

Chapter 9 Adjusting Tonality and Color.

Chapter 10 Altered States: History.

Chapter 11 Using Actions.

Chapter 12 Moving on: Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator.

Chapter 13 Working with Type.

Part III Fun With Photoshop 6.

Chapter 14 Transform Images with Filters.

Chapter 15 Amazing 3D Effects.

Chapter 16 Creating 3D Images the Hard Way.

Chapter 17 Blowing Up Your Images Using Genuine Fractals.

Part IV Photoshop 6 and the Web.

Chapter 18 Understanding Web Graphics.

Chapter 19 More On Web Graphic Formats.

Chapter 21 Creating Web Graphics.

Chapter 22 Adding Images to Your Web Pages.

Chapter 23 Creating Web Animations with Photoshop and ImageReady.

Chapter 24 Creating Web Animations with Adobe LiveMotion.

Part V Printing Your Images.

Chapter 25 Some Day My Prints Will Come.

Chapter 26 Managing Color and Printing with Photoshop 6.

Chapter 27 Troubleshooting Ink-Jet Printers.

Reference Section.



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