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Photoshop 7 Complete Course

Photoshop 7 Complete Course

Jan Kabili

ISBN: 978-0-764-53684-7

Nov 2002

496 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* Each session explains chapter goals, materials needed, time required, a list of key concepts and features, and additional projects.
* Each page includes screenshots or photographs to accompany the text.
* CD-ROM contains all of the files and materials needed for the project.

Confidence Builder.

PART I: Course Setup.

Photoshop Basics.

Project Overview.

PART II: Getting to Know Photoshop.

Session 1: Customizing Photoshop.

Session 2: Managing Documents.

Session 3: Viewing Documents.

PART III: Painting and Drawing.

Session 4: Choosing and Using Color.

Session 5: Painting and Filling with Pixels.

Session 6: Drawing with Vectors.

PART IV: Image Editing.

Session 7: Selecting.

Session 8: Using Layers.

Session 9: Compositing Images.

Session 10: Filters, Layer Styles, and Special Effects.

PART V: Text.

Session 11: Creating and Formatting Text.

Session 12: Special Text Effects.

PART VI: Working with Photographs in the Digital Darkroom.

Session 13: Using Darkroom Tools.

Session 14: Controlling Tone.

Session 15: Adjusting Color.

PART VII: Preparing Art for Print and Web.

Session 16: Creating Graphics, Pages, and Gallery Sites for the Web.

Session 17: Printing.

Appendix A: What's on the CD-ROM.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
IntroAdditional information for the Introduction

These elements do not appear in the first printing of the book.

Additional information for the Introduction

Conventions Used in this Book

Each session in this book is made up of step-by-step tutorials. The bold type in a step indicates what you should do. Non-bold type following a step offers further explanation of that step.

A hot pink step number indicates that a step is illustrated. Look for a matching hot pink number on the nearby illustration. Steps with blue numbers are not illustrated.

Additional useful information is offered in hot pink Notes, Warnings, and Tips and in larger blue boxes scattered through the text.

6Step 4

Navigate to cb_filmslate.psd in the Confidence Builder folder on your desktop hard drive and click Open.

10Step 31
Double-clickClick the Foreground Color box in the toolbox to open the Color Picker.

12Step 41
Make sure the Shape Layers icon is selected on the left side of the Options bar. Click and drag in the document to draw a puzzle shape, adjusting its size and shape as you drag.

15Step 59

Select the star walkbackground layer in the walkofame image. …

15Step 60
…. This changes the star walkbackground layer to sepia tones.

16Step 61
Make sure that the star walkbackground layer is still selected …

16Step 62
If you want to reduce the effect of this filter after applying it, choose Edit -->Fade Texturizer and …

16Step 63

Choose File --> Save to save your collage as cb_walkofame.psd in the Confidence Builder folder on your desktophard drive.

19Second paragraph on this page
(“The breadth and depth . . . this expansive program”) appears to be part of an introduction to the chapter. That paragraph is really part of the text that goes with the bulleted list on pg. 20, which doesn’t make much sense without it. Can you place the paragraph and the list together?

All of the headings in this chapter beginning with “New looks for OS X and Windows XP” should be subordinate in style to the heading “New Features in Photoshop 7”.

30Adobe ImageReady headline
The “Adobe ImageReady 7” headline should be same gray color as the “Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape Navigator 4+” headline on pg. 31 and the Adobe Photoshop 7 headline on pg. 26.

33Stepping through the Project Stages headline
The “Stepping through the Project Stages” headline should be same color black as the “Required Files” headline on pg. 32.

41Step 17
Choose FileàClose from the menu bar and click Don’t Save (Windows: No) at the prompt.

57Step 9

Leave the image open for the next exercisetutorial.

284Step 1
Choose File --> Open …. Click Update if you see a warning that some text layers may need to be updated. Click the Visibility icon on the Screen Content layer set to hide that set.

417Step 4
Click the Shape tool in the toolbox and choose the Rounded Rectangle tool from the hidden menu. Set the Radius field in the Options bar to 5 px. Make sure the Shape Layers icon is selected on the left side of the Options bar.

Companion Site

Visit the companion web site for this book at , where you’ll find comments from readers and any errata that come to my attention. If you find any errors, please let me know about them by email addressed to

To test your skills and earn a certificate of completion visit

Jan Kabili, an Adobe Certified Expert, teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is the curriculum coordinator for Adobe training at, a lead instructor at Ojai Digital Arts Center, and coauthor of Photoshop 6 ImageReady 3 Hands-On Training.

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