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Photosynthesis, Productivity and Environmental Stress

Photosynthesis, Productivity and Environmental Stress

Parvaiz Ahmad (Editor), Mohammad Abass Ahanger (Editor), Anjana Jajoo (Editor), Pravej Alam (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-50182-4

Dec 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

424 pages

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The improvement of crop species has been a basic pursuit since cultivation began thousands of years ago. To feed an ever increasing world population will require a great increase in food production. Photosynthesis is directly related to plant growth and crop production. Any fluctuation in the photosynthetic activity imposes great threat to crop productivity. Enormous efforts are made all over the world to document as well as use these resources. Due to the environmental fluctuations plants are often exposed to the different environmental stresses leading to decreased photosynthetic rate thus leads to problems in the plant growth and development.
Photosynthesis, Productivity and Environmental Stress will cover all the topics related to photosynthesis, whether it is terrestrial or aquatic. The book chapters will focus on the basic effect of environmental fluctuations, discussing photosynthesis under both controlled and stressed conditions. New techniques like transgeneics, proteomics, genomics, ionomics, metabolomics; micromics etc. related to photosynthesis will also be discussed in the book.

Topics covered will include:
Chapter 1: Interaction of photosynthesis, productivity and environment
Chapter 2: Photosynthesis and stomatal conductance under stressful environments
Chapter 3: Enhanced CO2 and photosynthesis: Recent advances
Chapter 4: Photosynthetic bacteria and environmental stress: An update
Chapter 5: Effect of light intensity on photosynthesis
Chapter 6: Ultra-violet radiation induced stress on photosynthetic efficiency
Chapter 7: Effects of organic pollutants on plant photosynthesis
Chapter 8: Cold stress and photosynthesis: Recent Developments
Chapter 9: Regulation of photosynthesis under salt stress
Chapter 10: Heavy metals and photosynthesis: Recent Developments
Chapter 11: High temperature and photosynthesis
Chapter 12: Biotechnology to improve Photosynthetic proteins 
Chapter 13: Chlorophyll fluorescence: A Tool to monitor photosynthetic efficiency under stress conditions
Chapter 14: Secondary metabolites and improved photosynthesis
Chapter 15: Photosynthesis and nutrient management
Chapter 16: Mutation and improvement of photosynthesis under stress
Chapter 17: Role of plant hormones in improving photosynthesis
Chapter 18: Methods for improving photosynthetic efficiency for greater yield under
gaseous pollutants
Chapter 19: Transgenic plants and photosynthesis under stressful environment
Chapter 20: Summary, Conclusions and Future Perspectives

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