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Physical Assessment for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, 3rd Edition



Physical Assessment for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, 3rd Edition

Carol Lynn Cox (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-10899-3 January 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 480 Pages


Physical Assessment for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals offers a practical and comprehensive guide to best clinical practice when taking patient history and physical examination. This accessible text is structured in accordance with the competencies for advanced practice in assessment, diagnosis and treatment as published by the RCN. Following a systematic, systems-based approach to patient assessment, it includes a summary of the key clinical skills needed to develop and improve clinical examination in order to confidently assess, diagnose, plan and provide outstanding care.

In this revised edition, colour photographs and case studies have been included to assist health care practitioners in their assessment of the patient. This important guide: 

  • Includes a highly visual colour presentation with photographs and illustrations
  • Features a wide range of key learning points to help guide practice
  • Offers illustrative examples, applications to practice and case studies

Written for health care students, newly qualified and advanced nurse practitioners, and those in the allied health professions, Physical Assessment for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals is the essential guide for developing the skills needed to accurately access patient history and physical examination.

List of Contributors xvii

Foreword xix

Preface xxi

Acknowledgements xxiii

Introduction: The First Approach xxv

Chapter 1 Interviewing and History Taking 1
Carol Lynn Cox

Chapter 2 General Health Assessment 15
Carol Lynn Cox

Chapter 3 Examination of the Skin, Hair, and Nails 37
Siobhan Hicks

Chapter 4 Examination of the Cardiovascular System 67
Carol Lynn Cox and Carrie E. Boyd

Chapter 5 Examination of the Respiratory System 103
Carol Lynn Cox and Jessica Ham

Chapter 6 Examination of the Abdominal System 123
Anthony McGrath

Chapter 7 Examination of the Male Genitalia 149
Michael Babcock, Carol Lynn Cox, and Anthony McGrath

Chapter 8 Examination of the Female Breast 159
Victoria Lack

Chapter 9 Examination of the Female Reproductive System 167
Victoria Lack

Chapter 10 Examination of the Nervous System 185
Michael Babcock and Graham M. Boswell

Chapter 11 Examination of the Eye 241
Helen Gibbons

Chapter 12 Mental Health Assessment 267
Patrick Callaghan

Chapter 13 Examination of the Musculoskeletal System 287
Daniel Apau, Michael Babcock, and Nicola L. Whiteing

Chapter 14 Assessment of the Child 333
Carol Lynn Cox

Chapter 15 Assessment of Disability Including Care of the Older Adult 375
Carol Lynn Cox and Brandy Lunsford

Chapter 16 Imaging Techniques, Clinical Investigations, and Interpretation 383
Jennifer Edie

Chapter 17 Basic Examination, Notes, and Diagnostic Principles 415
Carol Lynn Cox and Brandy Lunsford

Chapter 18 Presenting Cases and Communication 425
Carol Lynn Cox and Brandy Lunsford

Appendices 433

Index 441