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Physical Geology: The Science of Earth, 2nd Edition

Physical Geology: The Science of Earth, 2nd Edition

Charles Fletcher

ISBN: 978-1-118-73642-5

Mar 2014

704 pages


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Physical Geology: The Science of Earth is a flexible learning tool that equips students with assets and content necessary to understand our planet and the science that drives it. By combining traditional introductory content with unique topics and innovative pedagogy, author Chip Fletcher challenges students to think critically about physical geology and its impact on their lives and the planet.

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Chapter 1 An Introduction to Geology

Chapter 2 Solar System

Chapter 3 Plate Tectonics

Chapter 4 Minerals

Chapter 5 Igneous Rock

Chapter 6 Volcanoes

Chapter 7 Weathering

Chapter 8 Sedimentary Rock

Chapter 9 Metamorphic Rock

Chapter 10 Mountain Building

Chapter 11 Earthquakes

Chapter 12 Geologic Time

Chapter 13 Earth’s History

Chapter 14 Climate Change

Chapter 15 Glaciers and Paleoclimatology

Chapter 16 Mass Wasting

Chapter 17 Surface Water

Chapter 18 Groundwater

Chapter 19 Deserts and Wind

Chapter 20 Coastal Geology

Chapter 21 Marine Geology

  • Ease of Reading: We deliver the fundamental principles of geology arranged around specific learning objectives. Students find the book approachable, succinct, easy to read, and extremely well organized.
  • On-line Grading: The hundreds of critical thinking questions and exercises in this text are all graded automatically on-line with the WileyPLUS course management system. The WileyPLUS system automatically records grades in a spreadsheet. Thus, the instructor’s workload, especially in large classrooms, is significantly reduced.
  • For ease of reading, we offer text in two page segments. Students find the book approachable, succinct, and extremely well organized.
  • Woven into each page are critical thinking exercises (similar to lab exercises) linked to illustrations and photos. These can all be graded automatically on-line.
  • Relevant and provocative global issues such as peak oil, global warming, drought and water stress, population growth, natural hazards, environmental management, and others are discussed
  • Classroom problems are provided to supplement lectures.
  • Emphasizing the basic principles of geology, this text is easy to adopt into an existing syllabus. For example, plate tectonics is introduced early, and the entire text teaches to tectonics as a unifying theory of geology.
  • The writing is clear and jargon free. Reviewers emphasized, “These chapters are especially easy to read!”
  • Every page has several pieces of accurate, detailed, beautiful illustrations and photos.