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Physical Properties of Crystals: An Introduction



Physical Properties of Crystals: An Introduction

Siegfried Haussühl

ISBN: 978-3-527-62116-3 July 2008 453 Pages


Modern semiconductor and laser techniques would be unthinkable today without a highly developed physics of solids. As tailored materials increasingly gain significance, it is more important than ever to understand the basics of crystalline materials and the influence of their symmetry on phenomenological aspects.
This first international edition of a classic German standard integrates the latest developments in the field, including two-dimensional crystals and Giant Magneto-Resistance. Its aim is to impart the knowledge necessary to comprehend the manifold peculiarities of crystalline substances in a comprehensive and easily accessible manner. The book devotes much space to a coherent introduction to tensor calculation, making this the first to address the topic in a readily understandable way. Supplemented by 40 exercises with their solutions, this is an ideal textbook for students of physics and chemistry, solid state physicists and chemists, and materials scientists, but also a comprehensive resource for those who wish to get an overview of this important topic.
1 Fundamentals
2 Sample Preparation
3 Definitions
4 Special Tensors
5 Thermodynamic Relationships
6 Non-Tensorial Properties
7 Structure and Properties
8 Group Theoretical Methods
9 Group Algebra;
Projection Operators
10 Concluding Remarks
11 Exercises
12 Appendix
"This book chiefly aims to impart the knowledge which is necessary to comprehend the manifold properties of crystalline substances…" (Metall, February 2008)
  • Discusses an important research field, as semiconductor physics and materials science play a leading role in technological implementations
  • Comprehensive and easily accessible description of phenomena in crystal physics
  • Addresses the topic of tensor calculation in an easily understandable way which no other textbook offers
  • Supplemented by 50 exercises