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Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces, Volume 9

Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces, Volume 9

Herman P. Van Leeuwen (Editor), Wolfgang Köster (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-09403-7 April 2004 566 Pages




Part of the IUPAC Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems, this book collects and integrates current knowledge of the chemical mechanisms, kinetics, transport and interactions involved in processes at biological interfaces in environmental systems.
* Provides important, current knowledge for environmental scientists and related fields
* Highlights key directions for future research
* Follows on from a previous title in the series, Metal Speciation and Bioavailability in Aquatic Systems
* Written by internationally renowned editors and authors

Kinetics and Transport at Biointerfaces will be a valuable resource for researchers and students interested in understanding the fundamentals of chemical kinetics and transport processes in bioenvironmental systems. The content is required reading for chemists, physicists and biologists in environmentally oriented disciplines.
List of Contributors.

Series Preface.


1. Physicochemical Kinetics and Transport at the Biointerface: Setting the Stage (W. Köster and H. P. van Leeuwen).

2. Molecular Modelling of Biological Membranes: Structure and Permeation Properties (F. A. M. Leermakers and J. M. Kleijn).

3. Biointerfaces and Mass Transfer (H. P. van Leeuwen and J. Galceran).

4. Dynamics of Biouptake Processes: the Role of Transport, Adsorption and Internalisation (J. Galceran and H. P. van Leeuwen).

5. Chemical Speciation of Organics and of Metals at Biological Interphases (B. I. Escher and L. Sigg).

6. Transport of Solutes Across Biological Membranes: Prokaryotes (W. Ko¨ster).

7. Transport of Solutes Across Biological Membranes in Eukaryotes: an Environmental Perspective (R. D. Handy and F. B. Eddy).

8. Transport of Colloids and Particles Across Biological Membranes (M. G. Taylor and K. Simkiss).

9. Mobilisation of Organic Compounds and Iron by Microorganisms (H. Harms and L. Y. Wick).

10. Critical Evaluation of the Physi cochemical Parameters and Processes for Modelling the Biological Uptake of Trace Metals in Environmental (Aquatic) Systems (K. J. Wilkinson and J. Buffle).